These award winning llamas represent over 25 years of selectively breeding all the major Chilean bloodlines

Chileno Santiago (M)

DamChilena Via Firenza #031
Sire:Chileno Machupicho #31
Stud Fee:$500

A pre-potent suri male llama, Santiago produces 80%+ suri when bred to any fiber type. And full Chilean. There just aren't many. We know, we've looked a long time. Want some suri? Put Santiago with your special female at this introductory stud fee. You'll like what he sires.


Chilean Baracuda (M)

DamChilena Blanquita R047
Sire:Black I
Stud Fee:$500

A full Chilean suri, registered in the SLA too, keuring status "Permanent", just look at those "locks' with his bone and stretch. We know of no other Chilean suri with these qualities. Bred to a suri, he's sired suri. When bred to a silky, we're sure to get a fine, fine quality silky. Gender, Live Birth and Reproduction Guarantee Available


Stage Stop Ice Storm (M)

DamStorm Lady of Glenmore
Sire:MGF Ice Breaker
Stud Fee:$250

ICE has it all - structure, conformation, great fiber, pride and those wonderful ears. We said OMG when first seeing him. After leasing him for a breeding season, we bought him. Bloodlines include them all: Chilean, Bolivian, Peruvian, Argentine and solid North American. He's a Wow